Learn to eat

Losing weight is all about learning how to eat. Dr Duncan Babbage was born in 1974. In 2012, he finally learnt to eat. In the process, he lost 25kg/55 pounds—22% of his body weight. As a Consultant Clinical Psychologist he brings his expertise in behavior change, combined now with his personal experience of weight change, to help others through this 52 week online program—so they too can learn to eat.

The full paid service is going to officially launch in 2014. The free private preview of this service launched in January 2013. The first wave is now full. However, you can register now to request to join the next wave of the private preview, which will begin in a few months time. You'll be contacted by email when your account has been activated (this may be some time from now), and will then begin getting content automatically when the next wave starts. In the meantime, you can get updates by following the page on Facebook or via the Twitter feed, @LearnToEat.